(or: Who is this Ozone character, and why does he annoy me so?)

OK, what equipment do I use? For my graphics work I've got a Macintosh Quadra630 with 36megs of ram and an 850meg Seagate hard drive. I use RamDoubler from Connectix, and don't see how anybody gets by without it. It's never crashed Photoshop for ME, even though I hear people whine about this all the time. I've opted to downgrade my OS from 8 to 7.5.5, at least for this old 68k machine. (I *do* like OS8 on my PPC at work!) I've also got a Pentium75 which is running Linux. I don't do Windows and I don't do DOS. Matter of fact, I don't use ANY product by Microsoft, for reasons that I don't need to get into here. (Sigh. For testing purposes I had to upgrade/downgrade this thing to Windows95, for testing.)  Go read a newsgroup if you wanna know more. I've also got 2 old Suns, an original Macintosh128, about a dozen or so XTs, 286's, and miscellaneous other crap cluttering up my place. Back to my Mac. I use a pretty basic 15" monitor, so I design everything for 640x480 pixel screens. I use a Supra 56 Kflex modem. I've got an old Laserwriter, a color Stylewriter 2400, an external 2x CDrom drive, and the original AppleScanner, (4bit greyscale!). I could lose everything except the Quadra, the monitor, the modem and the CDrom drive, and still keep working.

Did I mention my QuickTake 150 digital camera? Howza 'bout my duo2300, that I haven't decided if I like because of the 95% sized keyboard, and my short, stubby fingers? The Zip Drive, (Geez, how could I have ever lived without that Zip drive!) Expect something new soon, I just laid out close to a grand on Director Studio, and I have plans, (Oh, do I have plans...) Sorry if it's been a long time since *this* page has been updated. Laters!

Your pal,-doc-