(or: Who is this Ozone character, and why does he annoy me so?)

What programs do I use?If you haven't figured it out yet, I mainly use Adobe Photoshop 4.0 for graphics. I also use Adobe Illustrator 5.5 for line work. Why don't I use Freehand? I just don't. For text layout, I swear by QuarkXpress 3.3. Their customer service sucks, but their program rocks. If you can't figure it out, RTFM. Hmmm... Lessee, KPT Bryce is totally cool, but my computer is to slow for it. Did I mention KaiPowerTool filters? No? Well, I like them OK. Some of them are way overused, but a couple are pretty cool.

Seems like not much, eh? Things have gotten to the point where I do perhaps 99% of my art in Photoshop. I just purchased Director Studio, I'm betting a grand on Shockwave, although the images for my movies will still probably be created in that Prince of Graphic Tools, Photoshop be thy name.

A couple of folks have asked me which miraculous HTML editor I use. The one I use is really rather plain, it's mostly just a text editor, but it does a limited amount of 'wysiwyg', mostly colorizing links and bolding type and such. It has a few macros and a decent search & replace function. Check it out (mac only), it's called "HTML Editor v1.1.4", by Rick Giles. I use this same app for wiriting all of my Javascript code, there is no magic editor for this stuff.