Navigation "Devices"

What a wonderful metaphor for site management these devices are! I'm really excited about this idea. Now that I'm dealing with them in pieces, I not only gain a nifty navigation tool, but I can leverage the use of peoples cache files to make them appear to load faster. Note that I said "appear", the bandwidth load is the same, but as we change certain parts of the image, we can reload all the other pieces from cache. If I change the main "viewscreen" in each sub-node, the rest of the pieces do not have to re-load. This way we get both a sub-node header graphic, and a familiar nav-tool that follows you through the site.

The piece above is capable of directing you to 4 main nodes, and 3 sub nodes on the 'handle'. This piece could be customized to your needs for a total of $840, which includes a 3D representation of your logo for the main 'screen'. If you would like this piece animated using javascript, add an additional $240 to that estimate, for a total of $1080. As with all my sites, you would be provided with template pages for all the different nodes of the site.