Free Bullets!

Free Bars!
(No foolin'! Use these free for personal or commercial purposes.)

redbull.gif-less than 1k.

pinkbull.gif-less than 1k.

purpbull.gif-less than 1k.

bluebull.gif-less than 1k.

blu2bull.gif-less than 1k.
cyanbull.gif-less than 1k.

grunbull.gif-less than 1k.

gr-ybull.gif-less than 1k.

yellbull.gif-less than 1k.

orngbull.gif-less than 1k.

Of course, there *is* a small catch. They'll only work on the neutral grey background. If you want custom work, well, that's what *I'm* here for, now aren't I? Still, if you don't mind a plain background, these should be better than anything else you'll find out there. Enjoy!
Your pal,-doc-

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