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I really like this little page. Very simple, but quite elegant, IMHO. The header Gif is only 32 colors, and is only 4k in size. The background is hardly there, a 2 color Gif, and only 215 *bytes* (that's 20% of 1k).

The black lines are simply horizontal rules with the "noshade" option selected. A look like this would work very well for a no-nonsense technology company that was concerned about bandwidth resources. It will also degrade well to lower colored monitors, and transfer well even on a 2400 baud modem. It's transformed to GIF using the "Netscape" 216 color pallette, so it will look the decent at lower resolutions. Why did Netscape have to choose such ugly colors? I don't know. You can find more information on this pallette in my "Hands-on" section.

This is *such a simple little piece, the time (and so the cost) would have been minimal. Here's the breakdown...

  • Total design time; only 3 hours total
  • Total cost for this project; $180US.

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