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Little coffeecup icon Welcome to the tale of a fictitious coffeehouse. In this example, we have a simple, but striking header GIF of 24k, followed by these coffee-cup icons of 3k each. Depending on the amount of text involved, this page will total out at less than 30k, a crucial concern for those of your viewers with slower modems.

The total amount of time spent designing a page like this was 6 hours; 4 hours on the header GIF, an hour with the coffee-cup button, and another hour spent tweaking the HTML code to display it all the way I like. Total cost for the work displayed here, $360US. Not as expensive as you may have feared, eh?

HTML code is rather simple in concept, but can be awkward to get it "just right". The details can be tricky at times. This page is set up inside a "table", with a width of only 461 pixels. It will display on all the major browsers, without any major problems. Those folks with smaller monitors won't have to scroll over to the right to see the rest of the page, and those folks with bigger monitors will see the text and image in a single elegant column up the center.

Another key factor with the HTML is the choice of the text and link colors. The text here is gold to match the logo, unfollowed links will appear a brighter yellow, and will then revert back to the same gold. If you click on a link, it will briefly appear bright red, to let you know you've hit an active link. These colors are all specified in "hex" code, which is the hexadecimal (base 16) representation of the RGB color codes your computer uses.

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