DocOzone does Backgrounds!

Background files. Everyone needs them, everyone wants them. Many of the archives out there will have literally *thousands* to choose from, most of them crappy, alas. I've put nothing in this archive except backgrounds I like, you'll find no crap here. The bandwidth load for this whole archive is huge. Tough luck. Here they are, enjoy!

These backgrounds may be used on personal or other non-commercial sites with NO FEE. Please note, the granting of this licence in no way implies that these images are in the "Public Domain", copyright is still retained. Commercial use is expressly forbidden without prior consultation with me, Dr. Thaddeus Ozone. I usually will grant a licence for such commercial use, at a very small fee. Poor? We can probably work something out, I don't do backgrounds for a living, I do web design.

Your pal, -doc-

All images Copyright©1994-2001 by Dr. Thaddeus Ozone, all rights reserved.

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