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    Web Design Resources



    Photoshop Web Tips Database
    Photoshop Tips Section
    Hot Photoshop Links
    Jeff's Photoshop Tips and Tricks
    STIMULUS: Internet 101
    Photoshop tutorial UK
    Adobe Tips & Techniques
    Andy's Photoshop Tips!
    Citilink FAQ - Intro
    Compendium of Photoshop Sites
    Creating Web Graphics
    DiP - The Minimal Home Page
    DiP - The Photoshop Index Page
    Dmitry Kirsanov's Top Ten Web Design Tips
    DSM Gang's PS-index
    Future home of
    GIF Animation on the WWW
    GrafX Design Web Graphics Tutorials
    Hayden Creative Techniques Archive
    Icon Usability, (
    Infinite Fish - PS Tutorial #1
    Kai's (Photoshop)
    Lightning tip
    Netscape: Creating Net Sites
    Paint Shop Pro Web Graphics
    Photoshop Goodies
    Photoshop Tips & Tricks
    Project Cool: developer tutorials
    Supercharging your skills
    The 256 colors of Netscape
    Ventana: Photoshop f/x
    Web Pages That Suck
    Welcome to Ticks on Trips
    World Wide Web FAQ


    Slightly's HTML Reference Page
    The HTML Goodies Home Page - Thanks for stopping by...
    The Compendium of HTML Elements Ñ A Reference Manual of the HyperText Markup Language (HTML).
    ISO Latin-1 Characters
    (new!) Extensions to HTML
    .htaccess Demo
    A Compendium of HTML Elements
    About WebTV
    Bandwidth Conservation Society
    Better Living Through HTML
    Creating High-Impact Documents
    Doctor HTML v5
    Frames -An Introduction
    Hex Colors (Black Background)
    HTML 2.0
    HTML Elements
    HTML Quick Reference
    IETF - (HTML) Working Group
    Nat. Center for Accessible Media
    Netscape: Testing some tables
    The Blink-Free Home Page
    The Lynx Enhanced Pages Index
    The Web Developer's Virtual Library
    Welcome to BrowserWatch
    WWW Viewer Test Page
    WWW-SPEED Home Page


    Determining Browser Type and Version with JavaScript
    Project Cool DevSearch
    Designing with JavaScript : Creating Dynamic Web Pages
    The Nasty JavaScript Tricks: Welcome
    Javascript Goodies (Resource Center)
    Netscape 4.0: Javascript 1.2
    Project Cool Developer Zone
    Javascript Index (local)
    Javascript Index (server)
    Javascript Template Studio
    JavaScript Tip of the Week - - Free Registration
    Just whose JavaScript is it, anyway?
    Netscape Navigator 3.0 | JavaScript Syntax
    Netscape's JavaScript Authoring Guide
    Netscape: More Javascript
    Voodoo's Intro to JavaScript


    Java developer page
    The Lake Applet
    Picasso Color Widget
    Bob's Java hut
    Client Side State - HTTP Cookies
    HTMLscript Corporation
    JavaSoft Home Page
    Pat's Strand
    Pejman's JavaCenter
    The Java WEB Applications Page


    Office cam
    Axis Communications - Products - Internet Camera Servers
    !First Security Transaction Network Home Page -- Learn the naked truth about internet credit card transactions.
    Matt's Script Archive: WWWBoard Readme
    Fluid Dynamics: Freeware CGI Collection
    CGI Developer's Guide
    Matt's Script Archive
    Matt's Web Page Editor
    Selena Sol's Public Domain CGI Archive
    SWISH Documentation
    The CGI Collection
    Yahoo! Search Results for CGI Script

    Doing Business

    Frank P. Doyle Elected to Board of DEC
    02/09/98 COMPAQ'S POWER PLAY
    Oppedahl & Larson Patent Law Web Server
    TMWeb Basics - The Truth about
    First Virtual Homepage - Internet Commerce
    Welcome to Gateway 2000 USA
    Cisco Connection Online
    Stock Quotes and Graphs
    "QTB - Stock Quote Ticker Bar Software"
    Yahoo! Finance
    My Yahoo! news summary for DocOzone
    Aaron Morgan Brown - Artworks
    Digital Equipment Corporation
    CyberCash Home Page
    Macworld Online: Expo
    NetBank, Home of NetCash
    The Thomas Register
    Trademarks & Business Goodwill
    TRW IS Home Page
    US Patent and Trademark Office
    When Copyrights Expire

    Image Formats

    BoxTop Software, Inc.
    CKWS - The Netscape Color Cube
    DiP Pixel Explorations - A GIF Transparency FAQ
    gd 1.1.1
    GIF Animation on the WWW
    GIF Resources
    GIF Wizard
    JPEG image compression FAQ
    PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
    Progressive JPEG Test


    Design & Publishing (POV)
    PEI Magazine
    DC's LinkSite
    Graphic Design @ The Mining Company
    PHOAKS: Resources for
    The KPT Discussion Area

    Book Stuff

    How To Write a Book for Waite Group Press
    Waite Group Press Home
    Photoshop Web Techniques
    Books and Articles by J. Scott Hamlin
    Computer Book Cafe
    Creating Killer Websites Online
    Designing Web Graphics
    GrafX Design
    Hayden Books
    Hayden Books: Adobe Press
    Macmillan Computer Publishing
    MIS:Press/M&T Books Online
    New Riders
    Peachpit's Writing Guidelines
    The BookWire Index - Computer Publishers
    The Photoshop 3 Wow! Book




    Graphics Apps & Helpers

    MetaCreations Corporation
    Xaos Tools Home
    BoxTop software FTP site
    POV-Ray - the Persistence of Vision Raytracer
    Adobe FTP site
    Adobe Photoshop 4.0
    BoxTop Software, Inc.
    BoxTop Software, Inc., The Plug Page
    Eye Candy
    Filter Factory(tm) CD
    JASC Inc., Makers of Paint Shop Pro
    PC Resources for Photoshop
    Smart Dubbing
    The Button Maker Duo

    HTML Editors

    (Big list of) HTML Editors
    Adobe PageMill What's New - PageMill 2.0
    Bare Bones Software, Inc.
    DiDaPro HTML Editor
    HTML Editor for the Macintosh
    Netscape FTP4 site
    Notes from a ModemJunkie
    Stroud's Reviews for HTML Editors

    Multimedia Tools

    GEO Emblaze | Home
    Welcome to the CU-SeeMe Home Page!
    Macromedia - Director
    Macromedia - Flash
    Macromedia FTP site
    RubberFlex Home Page
    Totally Hip Products


    Macromedia - International User Conference 1997
    Macromedia - Director 5 Shockwave Developer's Guide
    Macromedia Shockwave Guide
    MechWarrior 2: Gunnery Range
    Shockwave Multimedia

    Web Services

    NetMarketing Web Price Index
    Digital ID Express Enrollment
    Personalized Email Address
    DBasics New Counter Account Form
    Lpage Guestbook Server
    Add a WebSideStory's Counter
    DBasics Internet Programming Services
    Dreambook ... Free Guestbook Server
    GeoCities Free Home Page Information
    HoTMaiL - The World's FREE Web-Based Email
    Web-Counter Home Page
    Winter@ctive! ISP and Web Developement

    Raw Material


    Backgrounds and Borders by L2
    Free Backgrounds
    3D Webscapes pg. 1
    Realm Graphics: Backgrounds
    Background Hell
    DiP pixelware - A Texture A Day
    Dr. Bob's backgrounds
    Dr. Zeus' Textures
    GFX: Graphics Central
    H's background archive
    Iain's Textures on the WWW
    Jay's Background Patterns
    Jay's ORIGINAL Backgrounds!
    Jay's WebPaper
    Julianne's Background Textures
    JZ Presents: Disturbing Patterns
    MacDaddy's Background Sampler
    Media Link's Free Graphics!
    Over the Rainbow
    Pam Bytes - Table of Contents
    Pattern Land!
    Patti Bailey @ Cyber Island
    Ron's Browser Backgrounds Page!
    Ryan's Graphics Extraveganza
    Sample JPEG backgrounds
    Sigbj¿rn`s BAckground PAge!!
    Texture World, by Tangent
    The background FAQ
    The Virtual Background Museum
    The Web Gabari


    David and Alex's Font World
    International Typeface Corporation
    Emigre Home
    !FONTASTIC! Windows True Type Fonts
    Dr. Berlin's Foreign Font Archive
    Eaglefeather Home Page
    Font Archives at
    Free TrueType fonts
    Internet Font Archives
    Medieval and Fantasy Fonts
    NCD Techips Archive, Font Server
    The Kiwi Media Shareware Font Archive
    TrueType Font Archive
    Yamada Language Center Font Archive

    Image Archives

    Pseudocosm: The Archive of Alien Art
    download page - Desktop Pictures: Lightning
    The Junction - free graphics, tutorials, web design, java applets, and a touch of lemon!
    Blue Sky Heart Graphics
    PhotoDisc Image Search1
    The Happy Cow Construction Page
    Overbyte Productions Artists
    Free Graphics from Runic Design
    3D CAFE(tm) by Platinum Pictures
    The Edgerton Center's Online Photo Gallery
    Cibas by Q
    Ender Design: Realm Graphics
    FREE Graphics and Textures
    Future home of
    Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures
    Huge Image Archive
    Image Surfer Category List
    Jamie Hansen Photography
    John's WWW animated GIF Collection
    Life Insurance
    Lightning Gallery Page 1
    Poster Gallery
    Stellar Photography
    The ART Center
    The Ray Tracing Home Page
    Underwater photos collection

    Graphics Stuff

    Virtual Arts
    Positron GenesisVFX MeshPaint 3D TrU-V Home Page
    3D Artists
    My feeble Portfolio...
    Scriptorium Home Page
    Art Guide
    Atlantis Cyberspace (VR)
    Computer Graphics World
    Flamdoodle Animation, Inc.
    Home Of The Pacific Rim Art Exchange
    iCE Advertisements
    Koyosha Graphics of America
    Poynton's Color Technology Page
    Think 3D
    Thunder Lizard Productions
    Visual Concept Entertainment


    100 Acre Canyon, Sounds of Pooh
    AudioNet: The Broadcast Network on the Internet
    Classical MIDI Archives
    Netscape Navigator 3.0 | LiveAudio Syntax
    Welcome to The EARchives!
    Welcome To The Hollywood Edge
    Yahoo! - Entertainment:Movies and Films:Multimedia:Sounds


    Awards Sites

    Windows Guide Online
    Lycos TOP 5% Topic: Computer Science
    STPT: Personal NEW
    CafeNet's Sites of the Week
    Cool Page of the Day Awards
    D'NA Design
    Geek Site of the Day
    HTML 3.0 Top 10 Enhanced List
    NetGuide Live
    Netscape Hall of Shame
    The Best of WWW Contest
    The Fine Site: Cyberguide
    The Internet Minute
    The Spiffy Musical Frog Awards
    The Top10 HomePages
    Top 5% Sites
    Web Diner: Blue Plate Specials
    Your WebScout -- Way Cool Links.

    Listing Places

    WebStatStory - OZONE stats
    Add to Yahoo!
    Add Your Site to Lycos
    AltaVista Search
    Starting Point - Feedback
    Submit It!
    The Graphix Exchange(TM)
    The Revolving Door
    WebCrawler Add URLs
    WebSideStory Top 10 Art Pages

    Web Rings


    Banner Ad Stuff

    LinkExchange: Home
    Archived Date Statistics for OZONE
    Central Ad Home Rate Card
    HyperSolutions / Ad Banners
    LinkExchange: Friends
    Lpage Advertising Page
    OZONE: Banner Ads
    The Webring: Home
    Welcome to BannerSwap
    Welcome to
    Yahoo! Advertising - 1997 Rates
    Yahoo! Advertising Information Center