Kevin Thomas Doyle (a.k.a.) Dr. Thaddeus Ozone

locale: Stockholm, Sweden


I'm a designer. I design not just graphics but complete systems - everything from the initial impression, to the usability, to the actual coding, and more importantly to the overall user experience. I'm enthusiastic about the Internet as the inevitable arena for all global communications, both personal and public. This enthusiasm is so strong that I tend to infect those around me with this same passion; it's what I live for! My next position will allow me to merge my knowledge of the current technologies with my background in traditional design to form a strong blend of the values of the internet as a medium, with the art of brand-building and management.


8/00-present: Primicon AB, (d.b.a. Primal Content), Stockholm, Sweden. Founder and Chairman. Primal Content was conceived as a syndicated content distributor, which I founded along with 2 other consultants. To this end, we have built a complete Java-based publishing system, complete with editorial workflows and a micro-payment system for charging for content on a pay-per-view model. This first phase was accomplished with a first round of angel funding acquired from a US investor. We are still seeking investors for our second round of funding.

1/00-7/00: marchFIRST, (formerly USWeb/CKS), Stockholm, Sweden. Creative Director. In late 1999 I was contacted by the corporate offices in San Francisco to be one of the team in charge of opening the first offices for USWeb/CKS in Sweden. We opened this office as a true start-up, drafting a full business plan including market analysis and cost/revenue projections for the first 3 years. In my time as Creative Director we completed 3 jobs with a total billing of in excess of 12 million kronor, and grew our staff from six to 25 billable consultants, achieving profitability within the first 3 months.

11/98-12/99: CMA Comedia AB, Stockholm, Sweden. Information Architect. CMA supplies systems solutions and IT solutions with high contents of knowledge to companies and organizations in the Scandinavian and East/Central European market. CMA is a Swedish group with focus on systems supplies and consulting. CMA Comedia AB offers e-solutions for information intensive and mission critical systems based on web technology - for Internet, intranet and extranet. As Information Architect, I plan and design the information structures for large, dynamic Internet projects. This includes the initial planning stages, and leads into the actual graphical design of the related interface structures. I am also involved with numerous training and pre-sales exercises.

7/97-10/98: Vector Internet Services, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota. Creative Director. is the Internet Provider who has housed my OZONE site since 1996; they are now the largest Internet Provider in the Midwest US. When I started working for them, there was no design department at all. In just over a year we've grown from just myself to a staff of six, having completed over 30 commercial websites in that time. Aside from building and training our design department, I launched an aggressive print ad campaign with numerous four-color process magazine ads and an impressive trade show display booth.

6/95-7/97: Apocalypse Studios. Founder and President. Apocalypse Studios was a Graphics Design studio specializing in graphics and interface design for the World Wide Web. When I first started this firm, it was merely a part-time freelance job for me while I was running Color Trek Screen Printing. In time, the demand for my services was great enough that I was able to support myself entirely doing interface design for companies large and small. You can find links to the sites created during this period on the web at "".

1/97-4/97: New Riders Press. I acted as Technical Editor for New Riders Press on the book "Photoshop Web Techniques" by J. Scott Hamlin. I was in charge of insuring that all text was complete and correct, and also worked very closely with the author on creating new content for this book.

6/94-Present: Webmaster and Graphic Design for self-published Internet site "OZONE". The OZONE site showcases interactive graphic design work, generating an average of 120,000 visitors per month. One of the highlights of the site is an interactive tutorial of the Photoshop and Web Design tips known as the "Hands-On Tutorials". Another part of this network is my online forum, the "Ozone Asylum", which numbers approximately 1500 active members. All of the sites in my network generate in excess of 55 gigabytes of traffic each month. I've always made a great effort to educate and help out those folks new to the WWW; I figure it can only help the industry as whole.

1/94-4/96: Color Trek Screen Printers. Production Manager. Responsible for all phases of production, including art & layout, printing, finishing and shipping. Duties include all scheduling, and management of 15-20 employees in a fast-paced, high turnaround commercial printing plant. Our specialty was four-color process printing, and several of the techniques I developed there are now industry standards.

4/93-12/93: PinWorks, Inc., 524 Brimhall Ave., Long Lake, MN. Production Manager. PinWorks was in the business of manufacturing custom made lapel pins, using a screen-printed process. My responsibilities included all aspects of day-to-day production, including hiring, ordering of all materials, and scheduling. In my time with PinWorks I was responsible for an increase in production of over 200%.

5/92-4/93: Color Trek Screen Printers, 6404 Cambridge St., SLP, MN. Art Director and Network Administrator. Responsibilities included the day-to-day operation of our production art department, including monitoring and ordering all supplies. Also included is the design, where needed, of in-store Ad campaigns, mainly using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Quark Xpress. I was also responsible for the care and maintenance of our network of 5 Macintosh computers, as well as our 12-foot Brown production camera.

2/92-5/92: Color Trek. Production Artist. Responsibilities included stripping of screen-ready art starting from traditional keylines or computer files in QuarkXpress or Adobe Illustrator. Extensive typesetting, including set-up of format pages.

2/89-2/92: Color Trek. Screen Maker. Responsible for production of all screens for a high turn-around shop. Inspected all art, shot the screens, and reclaimed them for subsequent use. In my 3 years as department head, I was also able to institute many changes to the system. Extensive research was done concerning high-tension mesh, screen tightness, biodegradable solvents, as well as several mechanical innovations.

12/88-2/89: Color Trek. Printers Helper. General shop help.

5/87-11/88: Vitrena Custom Designs, NYC, NY. President and Founder. Vitrena was a custom furniture-manufacturing firm, which I founded after leaving Creative Designs. We had two cabinetmakers on staff, with offices in NYC and a factory in the suburbs. I was responsible for all customer contact, design, and sales. I followed each piece from the drafting table, to the cabinetmakers, to the final installation.

6/85-5/87: Creative Designs, 819 Broadway, NYC, NY. Showroom Manager and Designer. I was responsible for greeting clients and designing furniture to suit their needs. I handled all field measurements, drafting and rendering, as well as all estimating and sales. All pieces were then followed through at the factory and job sites.

8/83-5/85: Dryus Liquidators, 16 Commerce Rd., Fairfield, NJ. Truck Driver, Auctioneer, and Showroom Sales. Dryus was a liquidator of merchandise seized by the banks and/or customs, mainly consisting of Oriental Rugs. Responsibilities included high-powered sales in an auction setting, which I would set up in 4 different cities a week.

1979-1983: Bristol Bluewater Boats, Bridgeport, CT. Crew Chief/Assembly. Bristol Bluewater Boats built 48' catamarans for the U.S. Navy. Part time during the school years and full time in the summers. Extensive use of machine tools. Proficient with fiberglass lay-up and repair.


1979-1983: University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT. Industrial Design major with a Computer Science minor. Extensive training in product design. Main thrust of the program was towards design using 3D Modeling, drafting, and rendering in a variety of medium.

Other Skills: Familiar with all aspects of computer aided design, as well as many other aspects of computer networking. Extensive experience with Internet applications, specializing in interface design for the World Wide Web. Skilled in the fine art of pen & ink rendering, as well as cartooning, I am also trained as both a carpenter and a mechanic, and comfortable with all types of tools.

References & Portfolio: Furnished upon request. Online samples of my work may be viewed on the Internet, at the address "".