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The Sky. The perfect background.

I've collected a few <g>. This was the start of the OZONE pages, I built this archive after a fruitless search of my own for images like this, and decided to offer them free to others. These are not tiled backgrounds, these are biggish images that you can modify for yourself, that was the whole point. They're all stored in my FTP site. (The above pointers all go to the JPEGs, if you really need them in GIF format, follow the links below to the original display pages. Their are 12 thumbnails in each library, requiring about 100k of bandwidth to download.)

I've been an avid (rabid?) collector of images for nearly 20 years or so. The first files were all hardcopy. Now I'm working on the electronic equivalent of the same thing. I'm less concerned with images OF things than I am with the actual textures involved. I have no idea of the initial sources of most of these images. Most of them are cropped segments of other photos, warped and modified to fit my own needs. Have some fun with them. Drop me a line for comments or whatever.
Your pal,-doc-