Doctor Thaddeus Ozone
(That's me!)

About this page: DocOzone smokes cigarettes. DocOzone drinks coffee. I smoke and I drink when I feel like it. You can hurry me along by pressing the buttons above, but if you make me smoke too much, I'll get thirsty and drink more coffee. If you make me drink too much coffee, I'll get nervous and smoke more cigarettes. If you make me smoke and drink too much, I'll get the shakes; leave me alone for a little while and the effects will usually wear off. If I get too spastic, you can press the "stoppit!" button, but be careful about starting me up again! So it goes...

It's been a long time since I've updated this section. I'm generally a bit shy when talking about myself, but don't worry, I compensate in other ways! <g> It'll take me a little time to get this archive in order, until then, feel free to check out the two previous incarnations of these pages...

The old version
(The really old version)

Odd Molly Clothing