Welcome to OZONE

Hiya Folks! Doctor Ozone here. Hmm, I've gone all these years not talking about myself much except through my art, and it looks like I may not be changing yet, I guess. Sorry 'bout that, maybe I'm just shy or something. ;-)

ANYways, this seemed like a good place to put a link, so I figured I'd give you a couple pointers for maneuvering around my site. Things may look confusing sometimes, they're intended to be so, to an extent. There *is* an internal logic to how everything works, but to get a feel for it you have to start thinking a bit like me. Frightening, eh? Every interface has it's own trick to how it works, all the actions are dictated using Javascript. Read the code, my current pages are better commented than most of my other work. It'll still be a pain. As programming languages go, it's still kind of primitive, but that just makes it easier to learn, and it's pretty fast, too! Anyways, I like it.

Most of this site *is* interfaces. The content is why it started, but I seem to get my most joy from crafting new tools to find my way around it, and I want my tools to be *cool*. I've left my job as Creative Director for Vector Internet Services in order to move to Sweden, where I work as an Information Architect (woo!) for CMA Comedia. I still keep working on these pages, I love 'em so. Whenever I get the urge, I'll digitize a bunch of my favorite images, tweak 'em, and there's another archive to my site, that's how it goes (with a new interface, of course!). I try to keep links open to everything from the same interface, but there's a lot, this site is over 130 megabytes so far, and should keep growing.

It's a good thing I worked for an ISP, because I use a LOT of bandwidth, averaging over a gigabyte/day in throughput; that's well over 200,000 hits a day! That's a lot of traffic, over 3,000 people every day, downloading the lots of small images that make up my site. Fortunately for me we've got the pipes to handle this kind of stuff at VISI. It's still kind of weird, all the people I've met and the notes I've gotten from around the world. 5 years ago my audience was *very* limited, and now it's worldwide. Technology has finally lived up to its promise of changing the world in a *real* way, and I'm liking it. We can actually change the world, working from our own living rooms!

One thing you should know is that there are a lot of "front" doors to my site. They're all accessible from the stating page, clicking the OZONE logo will usually take you to the next stop back in time, but sometimes you just have to wait 4 minutes; it'll go somewhere on it's own! Don't miss my Hands-On tutorials if you're of the bent to warp with images; have fun with it, you could end up making a living at this, entirely by accident!

The image Archives? Here's the scoop. For personal or non-profit use, the tiled backgrounds are meant to be free for use by anyone, although I'd still like some credit to me somewhere on your site. Have fun with them, and learn, that's what I want. Businesses must pay a licence fee of $36/each for commercial use. Resale of any of my images is, of course, prohibited. I do this for a living, ya' know!

The SKY-FTP archive of 36 sky images is meant to be used by other artists for backdrops and textures in their own images. I tried tracking 'em down when I first got online, and came up short; nada, zip zero. SO, I put this archive together as my first online resource, have at 'em, have fun! No credits necessary.

The other images are all different and special in their own ways, and I ask that you ask my permission before borrowing any of them, I'll frequently say yes, but I need to be asked.

The interfaces and the buttons are *not* intended to be simply taken for your own use. You may want an interface for your new home page, but taking mine and putting your stuff on 'em is not good, please don't do that. Individual buttons for a special purpose, sure, ask away, but all of these buttons are *special* to me in one way or another, it's important that you understand this.

Hrmph, where was I? Oh yeah, images. The Einstein pictures were just compiled by me, I never met the man, (a shame!), and I can't claim copyright on any of them. I hope nobody bitches, you never can tell when you need a good pic of Einstein. The Alice pictures by Arthur Rackham are way out of copyright, distribute them widely as you please, they should be shared, they are *way* cool. Oh yeah, grab my best pic of FIRE while you're here, it's a great texture to add to any image, I love this image, really. Spread it around, it's a good one.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! EMAIL, yeesh, what a situation. I really do make an effort to respond to all my email, but it gets awfully heavy sometime. I read everything, but don't always get a chance to respond to everything. No offense, but I just *gotta* work; it's a fire in me, and given the choice, well... you understand. I appreciate all the mail, and frequently send off tips I'm working on, so don't be shy about writing. (Just don't be too surprised if I'm too swamped to reply, I do try.) No promises, but I am here. If you need to contact me in my professional capacity, you should address your email to "kdo@cma.se", this is my work email, and I'm a bit better about answering these promptly. Please don't abuse this one, spammers will be injured. :\

Ah well, that's it for now, I'm tired and I gotta go to bed. Have fun, there's *way* more here than it may appear at first, explore! Enjoy yourself, have fun, and good night!

Your pal,   -doc-   (July 19, 1999)

- Entire contents copyright ©1994-97 by Doctor Thaddeus Ozone, all rights reserved. -