(or: Who is this Ozone character, and why does he annoy me so?)

Hi there! Who the hell am I? How do I do what I do? What equipment do I use? What programs? I get mail asking these questions every day, and some of the more technical questions are easier answered in a graphic format, as opposed to Email replies.
OK, in the interest of cutting back on my mail, as well as keeping y'all informed about this fascinating subject, (well, me!), I'll try and tackle these one at a time.

Me, I'm Thaddeus Ozone.

OK, what equipment do I use?

What programs do I use?

How does he DO that?!? Heh. heh, heh. I get asked this one a lot. Sometimes I have a hard time answering. It'd be different if you were here and I could just SHOW you. What I've decided to do is start creating web pages that'll answer some of the most Frequently Asked Questions. I guess I'll call this a FAQ for short.

Say, you know what? Most of these tips are kinda out of date. I'm putting most of my effort towards my new tip site, called "Hands-On". Check it out.

Drop Shadow FAQ Transparency FAQ
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