Like most true computer geeks, we keep odd hours. This is not just a lifestyle choice, the fact is that the net is much less congested in the wee hours of the morning, and we like that. The first step to contacting Apocalypse Studios is to drop a note to DocOzone. If you're a gambler, you can also try simply calling me on the telephone at (612) 374-5880. If the lines are full, or nobody is available, you'll get our voice mail, where you can leave a message. Don't be afraid to call at almost any hour, we're generally bright and chipper at 3AM, you can never tell!

Here's something I didn't know where to put, what I've done is create a couple of blank interfaces, with prices attached. This section will probably grow, (and then hopefully shrink as they sell!) Stop by here often, this is where our newest work will appear, and as new things are always being discovered, the newest things are frequently the best! Enjoy!
  • The KrisKros device, fully animated with Javascript, 72k overall.
  • The MagDevice, not as animated (yet), but way cool, 48k overall.

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