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Hi there folks! I'm Doctor Ozone, and I'll be your host today. How do you like the new look? I've been using Javascript to make my interfaces more reactive, and also for pre-loading images so my apparent speed is faster. The intro animation with all the fun 'zaps!' was designed to keep you occupied for a few seconds so that the full interface could be loaded into your cache. That way all those images are already downloaded for you when you jump to the next level. We take a lot of care with our sites, and like every site we build, this one has many levels. Feel free to follow the 'zapping' link below, which will take you to our previous incarnation (and the one before that!) In it, you'll find links to several of our image archives, including backgrounds, bullets, & bars, as well as more information about this company. Those pages are not going to updated as frequently, so count on these new "wheat" pages for up-to-date info.

Well, you've surfed the web, seen what's available, and now you want your own pages. These days, it's simply not enough to put your pages up on the web. Your average 'net-surfer' has seen it all, to hold their attention you've got to have an edge. How to hold the world-weary, jaded Internet user? First off, your site had better be well organized, with the data laid out in an understandable manner. Second, and sometimes most important, it had better be fun. For the first time, we have an advertising medium that people actually have to *want* to see. You will be judged by how you present yourself. A boring site will reflect badly on your company, just as a professional site will raise peoples estimation of you and your services. Image shouldn't be as important as it is, but it can't be ignored.

So, enjoy yourself, browse around, there's lot's of things to see and do here. Feel free to drop me a note if there's something you're not clear about, or if you just need a bit of advice. If you're doing this on your own, make sure you visit my "Hands-On" tutorial site for some good Photoshop tips. Take care!

Your pal,-doc-

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A fun javascript zappy-toy.